Student Life

Most Precious Blood Catholic School continues to provide outstanding academic programs to educate and prepare our students for the world outside our walls.  We realize our students will be in competition with others on a global level in a technological advanced society.  As we begin a new semester, we will be working on acquiring the skills needed for success in all our subject areas.    We will continue to prepare for the IOWA tests that will take place in grades 1st through 5th in April.  Our clubs continue to work on different projects.

As a Catholic School, our hallmark is our Catholic identity.  We will begin Lent on February 26th.  Our students will attend Mass on Ash Wednesday and doing the Stations of the Cross after Mass on Thursday.  Our second graders are also preparing for their First Communion in May.

The first quarter has come to an end and we begin the new semester.  The students learned a great deal.  We saw so much progress.  We are so proud of all of our students.

As the new semester begins, we will begin our Basketball season for our 4th and 5th grade boys and girls.  Our schedule has gone home.  Our games begin in February.  We continue to do AR daily.  Please continue to encourage your child to read every day.  They have a required number of points that they must complete each week.  Our students in Kinder need to continue to work on their sight words.  Some will be going into their basal readers. 

Students need to continue to work on their math facts.  Those facts play a big role on the IOWA test.  With testing right around the corner, we will have several Benchmark tests in reading and math.  We will also STAR test in reading and math to prepare them for the upcoming testing.

We changed out our Math facts to subtraction and division.  Our students have done well on addition and multiplication.  

We are prayerfully confident that each child will answer God’s call in their life.