Student Life


Most Precious Blood Catholic School strives to provide outstanding academic programs to educate and prepare our students for the world outside our walls. We realize our students will be in competition with others on a global level in a technologically advanced society.

We continue to try to get back to normal.  The students are back in the cafeteria for community prayer and announcements.  They are also eating in the cafeteria, of course with social distancing.

We are hoping to have our first service project in December to benefit the ARK.

As a Catholic School, our hallmark is our Catholic identity.  We just completed our Remembrance Tree for the month of November.  As seen on the calendar, the students are preparing for many exciting events in December.  We will have our Virgin of Guadalupe play done by 3rd grade and our Posada celebration will be done by 2nd grade. 

Student Council elections just took place and we look forward to working on some school projects,

Our Students continue to do Accelerated Reading. To date (Nov. 19), they have read 3586 books with 2820.8 points with an average of 92%. This is a great accomplishment for 95 students in grades 1st through 5th.  In January we are hoping to add some Kinder students. We are so proud of our students.

We are having a great first semester. The students are now in the routine of things and are learning a great deal. We have put our tutoring and enrichment programs back in place.  We are slowly adding some of clubs back.  We have seen so much progress in just the first few months. 

We are prayerfully confident that each child will answer God's call in their life.