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Thank you for your interest in Most Precious Blood Catholic School.

At Most Precious Blood Catholic School our goal is to create a climate of excellence, creativity, and security in which a student can be motivated to succeed. Based on faith in God and love of all persons, the school is committed to providing a quality educations. We strive to help our students experience a faith filled curriculum through liturgy, prayer, Catholic traditions, service, and most importantly, example. We foster a positive attitude towards lifelong learning by growing our students academically. We aim to develop a sense of service and responsibility to our community.

Our faculty and staff, with the support of our parents and parish, are committed to the highest standards. Our strong curriculum affords each student the opportunity to a well-rounded education. We believe that high academic, social, and personal standards will build a sense of pride and community. 

If our goals match yours, we invite you to call and set up and appointment for a tour.


Yours in Christ,

Nelda Bazan









"Let them shine as beacons of hope, radiants of knowledge, and as disciples of Christ.”



Most Precious Blood Catholic School is committed to proclaiming the Gospel Message. Our goal is to instill Christian virtues, foster personal growth and leadership, and achieve academic excellence in which a student can be motivated to succeed based on faith in GOD and love of all persons.