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At MPB, religion plays a very important role. We believe in teaching the Catholic faith and values. The students participate in praying the Angelus daily. The rosary is prayed weekly along with the Divine Mercy Chaplet. We celebrate all events such as Christmas Posada, Epiphany, Stations of the Cross, the Passion Play, and many others. The belief is that our students should recognize the traditions of our faith.

Most Precious Blood Catholic School emphasizes the core subjects:

  • Religion

  • Technology

  • Language Arts

  • Math

  • Social Studies

  • Science

Aligned with our Mission Statement and Philosophy, the administration and staff have implemented a strong curriculum in a safe and Christ-centered environment.

Special Classes/Programs

Students in all grades experience weekly classes in the library, and music.  Beginning in PK3, the classes go to the computer lab once a week.  All students have PE daily.

As part of our academic program, all students are required to participate in Accelerated Reading.  Beginning in 1st grade the students are tested in STAR Reading and STAR Math quarterly.  These tests give the school a snapshot of the progress being made in both those subject areas.  Along with those tests, the school administers the IOWA Standardized Test in the spring of each year for grades 1st through 5th.  The test results enable teachers to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each child.  The administration and faculty monitor student progress based on all assessment measures.


Our school year is based on a modified year-round calendar.  School begins around the first week of August and ends in late May.  The calendar includes a break for fall which occurs in October, a week-long break in November for Thanksgiving, traditional Christmas break, Spring Break, and Good Friday/Easter Monday.